Inspirational Quotes

By Julius R. Perkins


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Have you ever had a profound thought to come to your mind? A phrase or wise saying and you did not write it down, but wish that you had? You then forgot about it or wrote it down and lost it somewhere. Then years later you heard what was given to you in a song, on the radio, in a TV commercial or magazine ad. Well, through God's grace, He gave me many thoughts that I began to write down on small pieces of paper many years ago and continue to do so to this present day. While sitting at home on the bench in our bedroom, God gave me the thought of putting all of those sayings and quotes together in a book. Who would have thought that at 62 years young, God would have me writing my first book? The way I see it, if God inspired you to write it, then do it. I cannot wait to hear what happens as you read these poems and quotes. I know they will inspire you as they have inspired me. To God Be Glory (tGbG).

Julius Perkins

...if God inspired you to write it, then do it. 

-Julius R. Perkins


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