To my wife Mary P. whom I call “Love”:


 Thank you for 42 years of marriage and counting. You have stayed with me from “I do” to this present day. You are the reason I enjoy being married. You are my number one source of encouragement and my best friend. Through God’s grace, you have given me/us five daughters and twin sons. You support me and have prayed for me in our days of struggle. Now, you reap the years of prosperity. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot say it enough. You still look amazing and I miss you more and more as we grow younger together. Always know that I received a great gift because of you being in my life.

LYA (Love You Always)
Your Husband,
Big Moose

Dear Moose:

How are you today? I pray all is well. I would like to say that after God, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for loving me and showing what a godly husband is. May God forever bless and keep you, and that everything that your hand's touch will prosper. Love you always and forever...

Lil Moose


To my five daughters and two sons whom I describe their character:

  • Jasmine (Daughter): Social Worker; "Fights for the elderly"

  • Tony (Son): Teacher, "Trains the child"

  • Elon (Son): Educator, "Knowledge to wisdom"

  • Marquita (Daughter): Saver, "Saves the money"

  • Renee (Daughter): Server, "The hands and feet"

  • Quionda (Daughter):  Planner, "Writes it down"

  • Sheaneathea (Daughter): Organizer, "Puts it together"


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Greenville, NC 27835

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